The goal of the Ohio Composting and Manure Management (OCAMM) program is to research, develop and communicate sustainable strategies for the management of animal manures and nutrients on Ohio farms.

soil health webinar series | January - March 2022 

In this free monthly series, farmers, industry, and academic experts will weigh in on practical steps to improve soil health and measure impact on crop yield and farm profitability. 
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Waste to Worth Conference | April 2022 

Join us at Maumee Bay Lodge & Conference Center, Ohio for this conference, which brings together the nation’s best science on animal agriculture and the environment with innovative outreach, networking opportunities, and a mix of multidisciplinary specialists in a collaborative atmosphere. 
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Manure Science Review | August 2021

The field day is done, but check out this great video (click here). Glen Arnold, OSU, shows the amounts of different manures needed to get 1 lb of P2O5.

OCAMM odds & ends

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  1. Waste  to Worth 2022 conference  in Maumee, Ohio

    OCAMM odds & ends

    Jan 10, 2022

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  2. Applying solid manure with a spreader

    OCAMM odds & ends

    Dec 13, 2021

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    From the LPELC:
    Webinar: The Interplay Between Manure and Compaction | December 17 @ 2:30 pm ET | Learn from the experts on how to best apply manure to capitalize on its value while reduce soil compaction.  |  Details

  3. Soil your undies soil health demonstration at the 2018 Manuure Science Review

    OCAMM odds & ends

    Nov 5, 2021

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    From OMAFRA & North American Manure Expo
    Webinar series: Manure Monday | This weekly series covers a wide variety of manure management and application topics.  |  Details