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Side dressing corn with manure
Side dressing corn with manure
Calibrating solid manure applicator
Calibrating a manure applicator
Composting dairy manure
Composting dairy manure

The goal of the Ohio Composting and Manure Management (OCAMM) program is to facilitate research, development, and communication of sustainable strategies for the management of animal manures and other organics for Ohio farms and communities.

MANURE SCIENCE REVIEW | August 6 | London, Ohio

Demonstrations of the RAIN 360 Unit for applying liquid manure to the base of plants and best practices for spill cleanup, plus presentations on manure placement and subsurface drainage, manure application practices, and more.
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TRI-STATE MANURE FIELD DAY | July 11 | Payne, Ohio

Hosted by the Putnam Soil and Water District, this field day will showcase new technology that will broaden the window for manure application. Click here for details and registration

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