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Watching liquid manure application at the 2017 MSR.

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July 28, 2018

Hardin County, Ohio

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Checking out compost on 2017 tour.


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Composting in Ohio: A tour of the industry
August 9, 2018

Lima and Waseon, Ohio

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Binds for composting poultry mortality

ONLINE: Ohio Mortality Composting Certification Workshop.

Composting dead animals is an environmentally friendly and cost effective disposal method, but Ohio livestock producers must attend a course for certification or complete the online training. Here’s how to sign up for the online course:
1)      Go to and login if you have an account or create one
2)      Click on “Agriculture & Animals” and scroll down to the course ‘Mortality Compost’  NOTE: The cost is $17 and can be paid with a credit card or PayPal account.The course consists of 8 presentations and takes about 3 hours, plus a 25 question exam.  It can be completed in 1 sitting or spread out over several days.