Manure Management


Applying manure at the MSR, 2017
Manure is a resource that can be applied to cropland  to provide organic matter and nutrients. To realize these benefits and protect water quality, it needs to be applied at the right rate, in the right place, and at the right time.



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Nutrient Management Workbook (OSU)
Manure Processing Technology Excel workbook (OSU)
Manure Application: Spreader Calibration (solid manure demonstration, OSU)
Determining Spreader Capacity (solid and liquid manure, MSU)
Spreader Calibration (solid manure with tables, PSU)
Calibrating Liquid Tank Manure Applicators (ISU)


Ohio Livestock Manure Management Guide (OSU Extension)
Manure Processing Technology (MPT) Assessment (OARDC/OSU)
       MPT Excel Workbook
Manure articles
(C.O.R.N. Newsletter, OSU Extension)
Agricultural Waste Management Field Book (USDA-NRCS)
Nutrient Management 590 Standard (USDA-NRCS)
Animal Manure Management (UN-L)
 Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management - Online Lectures (OSU)

Ohio Mortality Composting Certification (OSU)
Livestock Environmental Assurance Program (OLC)
OnMRK: Ohio Nutrient Managment Record Keeper (OSU, MWCD, OFBF)
Interpreting Manure Sample Test Results (OSU)
Phosphorus Nutrient Management for Yield and Reduced Loss at Edge of Field (OSU)
Manure and Compost: Nitrogen Availability (OSU)
Safe Manure Removal Policies  (National Pork Board)
Manure Storage Entering Procedures (UI)
Benefical Uses of Manure and Environmental Protection (EPA, Livestock Commodity Groups)


ODA: Livestock Envrionmental Permitting
ODA: Soil & Water Conservation
Ohio: Natural Resources Conservation Service
OSU: CFAES Water Quality Initiative
USDA: Natural Resources Conservation Service
Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center
AgSTAR: Biogas Recovery in the Agricultural Sector