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OCAMM odds & ends

Agitation of manure storage pit

From Sam Mullins (ODA DLEP):
ODA Certified Livestock Manager (CLM) Training. January 31-February 1, 2018, Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Learn about best management practices for handling and using manure. Designed for farmers or custom applicators who need to be licensed, but open to anyone interested. Program and registration details

From Jill Heemstra (UNL):
Newsletter: Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center (LPELC). The January 2018 edition is online and includes information on monitoring streams for water quality, synthetic liners for manure storage, upcoming events, and more. Newsletter

LPELC webinar: Are you prepared? On January 26 at 2:30 pm (EST), speakers will provide recommendations for protecting animals and reducing the risk of manure spills during a different natural disaster scenarios. Details (use link to access flyer)

From Manure Manager:
Got odor? Mixed bedding material may reduce smell. A USDA-ARS study indicated that a bedding mix of pine shavings and corn stover used for deep-bedded cattle facilities can reduce odors and E. coli compared to other bedding materials. Article

Scientists explore risk of manure fertilized soils in spreading PED. With cases of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) increasing, Manitoba scientists are studying survival of the virus in manure storage systems and after land application. Article

Study quantifies role of legacy phosphorus. A Wisconsin study concluded that common practices to reduce nutrient runoff, such as no till farming or cover crops, do not do enough to protect water resources for P runoff. Additional measures such as mining soil P or reducing manure application rates need to be considered. Article

Manure hose malfunction injures farmer, employees. The owner of a New York dairy and three employees were injured when the high pressured drag hose they were using to empty the manure pit malfunctioned and struck them. Artic