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OCAMM odds & ends

Side dressing with manure at the 2016 Manure Expo in London, Ohio

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From the Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center
Free webinar: Manure sampling considerations in different animal species | November 16 @ 2:30 pm (EST) | Speakers will discuss manure sampling challenges and provide recommendations to reduce sampling error. | Program and registration details

From CFAES News:
Livestock Mortality Composting Certification Course |  December 14 | Canfield, Ohio | Composting dead animals is an environmentally friendly and cost effective disposal method. Ohio livestock producers must attend a course for certification or complete the online training. | Details

New study will track ways to cut runoff from elevated phosphorus fields | Led by Jay Martin, OSU, a team of researchers and other collaborators will implement nutrient management practices on ~14 farms, with elevated P levels, to evaluate their potential to reduce P runoff. | Article

From Manure Manager:
Winterkill by manure application | Applying manure on frozen ground should be avoided, but it is good to have a contingency plan in case heavy rains or a late harvest affect storage capacity. While application on winter crops is an option, salts in the manure may harm the crop because soil infiltration is limited. | Article

Is iron oxide the answer for manure gas safety? | Recycling gypsum waste as bedding has benefits, but also contains sulfates which can be converted to hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a deadly gas. Penn State researchers found that the addition of iron oxide to gypsum-laden manure, at an equivalent chemical ratio, reduced H2S levels. | Article

New technology a game changer for Wisconsin dairy | A system installed at a 1,400 head dairy produces distilled water and nutrient rich compost by first removing larger solids from the sand bedding, further cleaning the sand, and then treating the liquid stream via centrifugation, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. | Article

From Dairy Herd Management via John Smith (OSU):
FDA approves first animal drug for reduction of manure gas emissions | The new drug has been approved for use in cattle and shown to partially reduce ammonia in the manure. | Article

From Nuu:
Cow poop fabric could be yucky answer to fashion’s sustainability problem | A Netherland company has patented a process to turn the cellulose ‘harvested’ from cattle manure into fibers that can be used in place of cotton. | Article