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Jan. 29, 2019
Field demos at the 2018 MSR

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New: Certified Livestock Manager (CLM) Training | February 6-7, 2019 | Reynoldsburg, Ohio | ODA DLEP certification course commercial manure applicators, owners/operators of a major concentrated animal feeding facility, anyone interested in best practices for manure management.  |  Details

FARM: Field Application Resource Monitor | Ohio State’s new tool provides 12- and 24-hour precipitation forecasts to help in deciding when to apply manure or other nutrients.  |  Details

From Morning AgClips:
Farm manure boosts emissions – even in winter |  A Vermont study found that, compared to other application methods, injection of manure increased emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide during winter thaws of soil primarily due to microbial activity in the soil.  |  Article


From Manure Manager:

Projects identified to address Lake Erie algae | Five Canadian projects that will evaluate the effectiveness of technologies that can intercept and remove phosphorus during periods of high surface runoff have been funded.  |  Article

From The Manure Scoop:
Value Adding to Manure – Manure to Energy | Dan Anderson, Iowa State University, discusses what an impermeable cover on a liquid manure storage system can and cannot do, concluding that “ . . .in the right situation, it could make sense on a farm”.  |  Article

From the ESPP Newsletter:
Nutrient Recovery: Products from Dairy Manure to Improve Soil Fertility | This guide from Washington State University Extension provides information on emerging technologies for recovering N and P from dairy manure.  |  Report

Technologies for Dairy Nutrient Recovery: Evaluation of low-impact ammonia stripping with bio-fertilizer recovery and support for technology decision making |  An evaluation of the technology and economics of recovering N via stripping NH3 from liquid streams obtained from dairy manure that has been anaerobically digested and solids separated out.  |  Report