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OCAMM odds & ends

Side dressing with manure in Ohio

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Livestock Mortality Composting Certification | Composting dead animals is an environmentally friendly and cost effective disposal method. Ohio livestock producers must attend a course for certification. Two dates and locations:
-   March 7 | Tiffin, Ohio |  Details
-   March 12 | Wauseon, Ohio | Details

Manure - It’s Good Sh*t | March 13 | Upper Sandusky, Ohio | At this ‘Practical Talk for famers’ event, learn easy ways to follow the rules, how to grow cash crops and reduce expenses with manure, and ups and downs of the custom applicator business.  |  Details  

Water Quality Meeting | March 13 | Wapakoneta, Ohio | Learn about harmful algae blooms, research efforts, strategies to reduce phosphorus losses, and more.  |  Details

Ohio Soil Health Symposium | March 26 | Shelby, Ohio | Topics include the use of manure as a ‘soil health accelerant’, cover crops, grazing management and more.  |  Details

Ohio Compost Operator Education Course | March 27-28 | Wooster, Ohio | Learn the nuts and bolts of running a large commercial composting facility, from science to site design and management plus much more.  |  Details

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From Ohio AgNet:
Field day with Jordon Hoewisher: Dr. Kevin King, USDA Agricultural Research Service. | Hear (or read) what researchers are learning about nutrient and soil management from edge-of-field monitoring.  |  Article

ODA announces $23 million for programs in Western Lake Erie Basin | The funds will help cover costs for nutrient management plans, manure technologies, nutrient placement and other practices designed to reduce nutrient runoff to the lake.  |  Article

From Ohio AgClips:
Keeping phosphorus out of waterways. Dr. Larry Brown (OSU) and others have demonstrated that diverting water from a subsurface drainage system through a tank that contains a chemical composite can remove up to 75% of the phosphorus.  |  Article

From UNL Water:
Manure reduces nitrate losses to water in Iowa study | A long-term Iowa study found that poultry manure applied at agronomic rates reduced nitrate losses and gave better or similar crop yields when compared to commercial fertilizer.  |  Article

From Manure Manager:
Manure injection offers hope, challenge for restoring Chesapeake water quality | A 4-year Pennsylvania study that compared application of  dairy manure using shallow-disc injection to broadcasting it, found that injection decreased phosphorus losses. However, because results can vary with soil type, hydrologic, and other factors, farmers have been reluctant to adopt injection.  |  Article

Eurotier: Showing off the latest innovations | Touted as the ‘world’s leading trade show for animal production’ the 155,000 attendees at the recent event in Germany viewed the newest in manure management technologies, including applicators, composters, separators and more.  |  Article