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OCAMM odds & ends

Composting manure at a Pennsyvania dairy farm in 2015.

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From the LPELC:
Webinar:  Precision Technologies for Managing Manure | April 17 at 2:30 pm EDT | Learn how emerging technologies may improve the value of manure nutrients and impacts on the environment.  |  Details

From Steve Culman, OSU Soil Fertility Specialist:|
Online: Soil Fertility, Nutrient Management Lectures | Presentations from Dr. Culman’s course includes everything you need to know about soil and nutrients, plus info on manure nutrients (#48-49).  |  Presentations

From UNL Water:
The connection between soil organic matter and soil water | A good discussion of the role organic matter plays in forming soil aggregates, which create pore spaces for water, and the role soil type plays on water availability.  |  Article

From Ohio Ag Net:
Ohio NRCS seeks new proposals for Conservation Innovation Grants | For 2020, grant priorities support research and demonstration projects for development or implementation of practices that protect soil health and water quality. Proposals due May 15.  |  Article

Factors that influence nutrient loss | While precipitation affects N and P runoff, Brittany Hanrahan with USDA ARS discusses how land cover, land use and management, and other factors also influence water quality.  |  Article

Phosphorus progress in Ohio | Research shows that practices implemented in NW Ohio, including reduced P application rates, strip tilling, and cover crops, have helped reduce P runoff.  |  Article

Funding and phosphorus reduction | Dusty Sonnenberg discusses how economics are considered in deciding which P reduction measures should be implemented.  |  Article

From Manure Manager:
Clearing the air, one cow at a time | A University of Manitoba study will evaluate the effects of beef cattle diet and bedding on emissions of ammonia, nitrous oxide, and methane.  |  Article

Manure Expo – Top 10 Slogans | Vote on your favorite slogan for this year’s Manure Expo, which will be held in Listowel, Ontario on August 26 & 27.  |  Vote here

SWCD Conservation NewsBriefs:
Free: Whole Farm Conservation Best Practices Manual | Iowa State University provides information on 17 practices, including cover crops and P management. A summary table (pg 5) illustrates the effectiveness of each practice on soil health, nutrient loss reduction, and habitat and the confidence in whether or not it works.  |   Download manual

From OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine:
Novel Coronavirus on Farms | Two fact sheets, COVID-19 and Animals and Questions Regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Farms with Employees, provide information on the risks to livestock, food, and workers. Available in English and Spanish versions.  |  Fact Sheets

From USDA:
COVID-19 Federal Response Resource Matrix | This table provides links to resources for technical assistance, training and management; financial assistance; and state and local resources for different categories of rural customers.  |  Table