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OCAMM odds & ends

Turning composted manure at the Manure Expo 2016

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Free webinar: Communicating Science Using the Science of Communication | August 14 at 2:30 pm EDT | Learn how the public forms their perceptions of science and health information and the kind of information sources they trust and seek out.  |  Details and registration

From Ohio Ag Net:
Nitrogen knockout: Fall vs summer subsurface manure application | Glen Arnold and others discuss the benefits of side dressing corn with liquid swine manure and a newly designed dumpster that makes the process more efficient. |  Video

A water quality status report | Jordan Hoewischer, with the Ohio Farm Bureau, discusses programs that have been implemented since 2016 and their effect on reducing nutrient runoff.  |  Article

Manure fundamentals | An overview of manure properties and how they vary for different species and handling practices.  |  Article

From Manure Manager:
Strategic spreading | An ongoing Canadian study is comparing the effects of constant-rate and variable-rate manure application on crops, soils, water and air. In year 1, the variable rate plots had good yields and positive effects on phosphorus in the soil.   |  Article

Manure Minute: Set in stone | A discussion of how to decide whether to apply manure to meet nitrogen or phosphorus needs of a crop and strategies for minimizing phosphorus buildup in the soil – and why that’s important.  |  Article

Webinar recordings from eXtension:
University of Minnesota Manure Composting Workshop | Learn the basics of composting manure, from site selection to best practices and more in these 11 short session. |  Videos

Rutger’s On-Farm Composting | Basics on composting from recipes to marketing.  |  Videos

From ABC Biogas News:
U of I researchers secure $10M for bioproducts form dairy waste | Researchers are looking find ways to cost effectively move manure over larger distances by using technologies that can extract nutrients, reducing water content, and/or can convert manure to value-added products such as plastics.  |  Article