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OCAMM odds & ends

Applying liquid manure using a dragline

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From Ohio Ag Net:
Saturated buffer research tests relocation of nutrients | Redirecting flow from a subsurface tile outlet can reduce nutrients entering streams.  |  Video  |  More info

New fertilizer guide for field crops | The revised Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations for Corn, Soybeans, Wheat and Alfalfa provides updates that lead to high crop yield while protecting water quality.  |  Article  |  Online summarized guide

From Michigan State University:
Manure Management Virtual Field Day | Visit Swiss Lane Farm and learn about sand and solid separation, dragline application, and other info.  |  Watch now

From the Journal of Nutrient Management:
Lagoons hold less over time | Manure storage may reach capacity before expected, typically due to increases in precipitation, buildup of solids, or increases in animal numbers. Solutions can include expanding the existing lagoon or building, satellite ponds, or agreements with neighboring farms.  |  Article

Connecting the dots with manure | As this Wisconsin dairy has invested in changes, from anaerobic digestion to drying separated solids for bedding to using a compost bedded pack for heifers, it’s seen improvements in milk and crop production. |  Article

Poultry litter brings long-term benefits | Researchers for an Iowa study compared the effects of applying UAN fertilizer and poultry manure for 20 years. The manure applied at agronomic rates had improved soil health, nitrates in tile drain runoff, and crop yields, but soil phosphorus levels were higher. |  Article

Poultry litter provides nutrients, risks | Poultry litter N and P levels can vary widely depending on bedding, poultry type, diet, and other factors. So before applying it to forages, which require 3-4 times more N than P, it should be analyzed and an application plan made.  |  Article

Manure’s contribution to carbon footprints | While animal manures contribute to greenhouse gas emissions on farms, the amount varies depending on storage and handling practices.  |  Article

From Manure Manager:
Manure Minute: Why you need a manure management plan | Applying manure to cropland can provide nutrients and improve soil, but planning is needed to take into account its nutrient concentration and availability as well as timing considerations.  |  Article