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The Krauss Dairy at OSU Wooster Campus

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From Manure ManagerFree webinar: Reduce runoff of losses during winter manure application | December 9, 2020 | Winter application increases the risk of nutrient losses; learn what methods reduce risks and the rationale behind them.  |  Details

Watch now: Liquid manure distribution and application uniformity | This recorded webinar provides good information on inconsistencies of nutrients in manure and variability of application tool bars.  |  Recording  | Related factsheets:  Distribution of Liquid Manure Application  |  Calibrating Liquid Manure Tank Applicators

Unraveling the mystery of soil: Manure’s contribution | Commercial fertilizers provide lots of nitrogen, which is good for plants but results in soil microbes breaking down more carbon, which leads to less production of the ‘glue’ needed to maintain soil structure and porosity.  Applying manure to soils, especially those with a C:N ratio >8:1, can improve it.  |  Article

From the Editor: Spotlight on safety | Reminders on how to stay safe when applying manure, including best practices for confined spaces where gas build ups are a concern.  |  Article

From SWCS Conservation NewsBrief:
Woodchip bioreactors are the forefront of conservation technology | When water from drainage tile is filtered through a trench filled with woodchips, 15-60% of the nitrates can be removed. However, current systems work best for plots < 80 acres, are often bypassed during heavy rains, and do not reduce phosphorus levels.  |  Article

EQIP final rule updates soil health, nutrient management plan requirements | Modifications to the program include allowing only incremental implementation of practices in a CNMP.  |  Article

‘Potholes’ from the past help drought-hit Zimbabwean farmers save water | Planting in ~740 sq ft potholes, filled with manure and covered with straw, is an old method that has been successfully revived for growing essential food.  |  Article