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Stockpiled manure

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From the Ohio Ag Net:
Remember setbacks when applying manure in winter | Glen Arnold, OSU, discusses best practices that reduce manure runoff risks, including those specific to a given watershed.  |  Article

From UNL Water:
Manure stockpiles: Mind your manners | Using best practices can prevent runoff and nutrient loss and minimize odors when stockpiling manure.  Article

Bringing manure application to the digital age | Emerging technologies are increasing the ability for real-time nutrient sensing,  solid manure density sensing, and more, all of which can help get the best value from manure.  |  Article

From Manure Manager:
Moving manure: Redistributing surplus nutrients | The concept of a manureshed is a new way to think about how to best connect livestock facilities with excess manure to nutrient-deficient croplands.  |  Article

The benefit of good germs | Researchers have found that reusing litter in broiler operations can benefit a new flock by providing microorganisms that, when ingested, increase immunity.   |  Article

Understanding manure storage system safety risks | Understanding the risks for storage of manure in confined spaces, pits or lagoons and taking steps to reduce them is key to keeping workers safe.  |  Article

Webinar: Development of the Agricultural Conservation Planning Framework (ACPF) and Us by NRCS for Watershed Planning | January 28 at 3:00 pm EST | High resolution data on land cover, soil survey, and topography combined with software tools can be used to identify conservation practice options that can reduce impacts of runoff and subsurface tile drainage on water quality.  |  Details