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OCAMM odds & ends

Touring MVP Dairy at the 2021 Manure Science Review

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Webinar: Industry initiatives for environmental sustainability – A role for everyone | September 17, 2021 at 2:30 pm ET | Representatives from national commodity groups will discuss what goes into setting sustainability goals.  |  Details

From ILSR:
Webinar: Integrating composting into your farming business | Learn the ‘why, where, how and when of adding composting to a farming business, including costs, equipment needs’ and more.  |  Details

From Ohio Country Journal:
Manure incorporation with the H2Ohio program | Farmers who apply manure to a cover or growing crop in the spring or fall help tie up nutrients, reducing runoff. And, they can receive payment for it through H2Ohio if they meet requirements, including a nutrient management plan and documenting application.  |  Article

From Manure Manager:
Avoiding soil phosphorus buildup from manure | Applying manure to meet a crop’s nitrogen needs can result in excess phosphorus, which can lead to runoff. Methods to reduce the risk include applying less manure and using phytase in feeds, which helps animal digest the P in seeds and grains.  |  Article

The best storage solutions for you | Discussion of differences in how storage pits and lagoons function, as well as safety and agronomic issues.  Plus, a short discussion of anaerobic digestion for manure. |  Article

Tackling ‘superbugs’ through manure management | Researchers are evaluating whether antibiotics used for farm animals and manure management practices affect antibiotic resistant bacteria.  |  Article

From Morning AgClips:
Manure pit fatalities spur awareness | An important reminder of the risks posed by manure gases and how to prevent tragedies.  |  Article

From SWCS Conservation NewBrief:
K-State: Cover crops reduce erosion, fertilizer management cuts phosphorus losses from farm fields | Researchers found that while cover crops reduce P loss associated with soil erosion, they can increase soluble P in runoff, possibly due to increased microbial activity. Thus, P application should be limited to meet a growing crops needs.  |  Article

From ESPP:
‘Legacy P’ and field slope | Extensive sampling of an 8 ha field in Canada, in which elevation varied by up to 4 m, showed high phosphorus accumulation in the lowest parts of the field, probably due to erosion.  |  Summary