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OCAMM odds & ends

Cows on compost bedded pack shortly after turning

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LEPLC webinar: Incentives for Sustainable Practices | October 22 | Learn why using different practices in different places is important and how programs in two watersheds work to improve manure application practices.  |  Details

Equipment for Small Compost Sites | October 28 | Several companies and composters with DIY equipment will discuss options for farm or community composting sites.  |  Details

Virtual workshop: Manure Management and Utilization Technologies-Applications and Safety | November 4 | Topics include anaerobic digestion for manure management, in-house broiler litter windrowing, lagoon solids removal, and best practices for safety.  |  Details

OHOC Annual Conference | November 12 | Find out what’s happening in the composting world, from understanding its value to addressing challenges.  |  Details

Newtrient webinar series: Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) for Farms | 4 part series beginning October 13 | RNG specialists, economists and dairy farmers will share an approach designed for successful on-farm RNG projects.  |  Details

Video: What form of manure to apply | Glen Arnold, OSU Manure Management Specialist, compares how much fertilizer, liquid swine manure, bedded pack and other manures are  needed to get 1 pound of P2O5.  |  Video

From UNL Water:
Maximizing profitability of manure use | Manure can reduce fertilizer needs and provide other benefits. However, because nutrient concentration can vary between species and farms, it’s important to have manure analyzed before application and to understand nutrient availability and application rate.  |  Article

Wanted: Feedback for improve manure treatment | Dairy and swine farmers in the Midwest are invited to complete a survey about their existing practices, desired outcomes, and more. The goal is to “foster development of technologies that meet the practical manure management needs of swine and dairy farms”.  |  Details

From CIAS University of Wisconsin:
Composting manure and bedding reduces potential soil and phosphorus loss | On-farm research found that composting heifer or cattle manure can reduce the percentage of soluble P and has other benefits, but also requires space and management.  |  Report

From Morning AgClips:
A representative soil sample makes all the difference | Knowing a field’s soil nutrients is important in planning manure application. Just as important is getting a good soil sample.   |  Article

No bull: Scientists potty train cows to use ‘MooLoo’ | Australian scientists were able to train 11 cows, out of a group of 16, to urinate in a designated area of a pen.  If scalable, it could be a method for collecting and managing waste.  |  Article