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OCAMM odds & ends

Applying solid manure with a spreader

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From the LPELC:
Webinar: The Interplay Between Manure and Compaction | December 17 @ 2:30 pm ET | Learn from the experts on how to best apply manure to capitalize on its value while reduce soil compaction.  |  Details

From Ohio Ag Net:
Valuing bedded-pack manure | Glen Arnold, OSU manure nutrient specialist, discusses the effects of different factors on nutrient content of manures for farms that use straw, sawdust or woodchips as bedding.  |  Article

Putting a value on manure | Jim Hoorman discusses how to calculate the nutrient value of manure as well as factors that can affect that value.  |  Article

From Manure Manager:
Poultry litter: How old is too old? | For facilities that re-use litter as bedding, USDA researchers are studying the microbiota to determine the best management practices and time between flocks to reduce pathogen risks.  |  Article

Manure: Tackling the frequently asked questions | Eight questions that cover everything from the differences between liquid and solid manure to what to do when the weather doesn't cooperate.  |  Article

From National Hog Farmer Daily:
Will fertilizer prices impact hog cost of production? Applying manure to fields can provide nutrients, reducing fertilizer needs and saving money as fertilizer costs continue to increase.  |  Article

Finally, a little manure-based holiday cheer:

12 Days of Christmas produce large quantities of fertilizer | Utah State University Extension calculates the volume and value of the manure produced by the many animals in this song.  |  Article

Poop Bingo | Really! For those on your list who have everything.  |  Check it out  (Disclaimer This is not an endorsement of this product.)

New use for manure spreaders (source)


Wishing you all the best through this holiday season and the new year!