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OCAMM odds & ends

Waste  to Worth 2022 conference  in Maumee, Ohio

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WASTE TO WORTH: Advancing Sustainability in Animal Agriculture Maumee Bay Lodge Ohio | April 2022 | Bringing together the nation’s best science on animal agriculture and the environment with innovative outreach, networking opportunities, and a mix of multidisciplinary specialists in a collaborative atmosphere.  |  Details  Online registration

LPELC Webinar: Cleanout for Lagoons and Anaerobic Digesters | January 21 at 2:30 pm (ET) | Regular clean out of lagoons and digesters, which is needed to ensue optimal operating capacity, requires monitoring and planning.  |  Details

Online workshop: Manure Management & Utilization Technologies | February 3 | Speakers will cover manure record keeping, recovery of nitrogen and phosphorus in digester systems, liquid solid separation of swine manure, and pit agitation.  |  Details

From Ohio State University:
Confined Space Safety | Access to resources on staying safe in manure pits, on-farm gas hazards, and more.  |  Details

Winter application of manure: Remember setbacks | As fields become frozen and snow covered, Glen Arnold, OSU Extension, provides a reminder of limitations and best practices if manure needs to be applied.  |  Article

New: 2021 eFields On-Farm Research Report available | The current report includes findings from three manure related research projects as well as 246 other on-farm trials. Available for online viewing or download.  |  Report

From Manure Manager:
Find out how two local dairy farms are turning manure into renewable energy | Energy companies SJI and REV LNG will install an anaerobic digester on each farm, paying the farmers to lease their land and for the manure.  |  Article

U of G researchers are committed to reducing global methane emissions | A team of University of Guelph researchers is working to breed cows with improved feed efficiency – that is, less belching of methane.  Article