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OCAMM odds & ends

FIELD DAY: Manure Science Review  | August 3 | Bryan, Ohio | Demonstrations and speakers include handling poultry litter, solid and liquid manure application, composting manure, and much more! CEUs available for CCAs, CLMs, OH Fert Recert, IN State Chemist.  |  Program and registration details

From Ohio BEEF Cattle Letter:
Manure and sulfur management, accounting for all sources | Jason Hartschuh, OSU Extension, discusses how nitrogen and sulfur availability from manure application varies with species, time, soil temperature, and whether it’s incorporated.  |  Article

From Morning AgClips:
Application of manure to double crop soybeans | Liquid swine or dairy manure can add critical moisture to newly planted fields, as well as nutrients for the emerging crop, but care must be taken to cover seeds or, if applied on an emergent crop, minimize leaf burn damage.  |  Article

From Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Community (LPELC):
Webinar recording: Models & Tools to Improve Manure Management | Presentations on three tools for use in planning for expansion and land application.  |  Recording

What is manure worth? | The value of manure nutrients increases as commercial fertilizer prices increase. This discussion provides an overview of how to determine its worth based on nutrient availability. A worksheet from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln gives step-by-step calculations.  |  Article  |  Worksheet

Merits of manure content library | Educational resources grouped by topic area as well as media type and are available online.  |  Website

Cow patty critters: An introduction to the ecology, biology and identification of insects in cattle dung on Canadian pastures | A comprehensive guide to the complexity of life within cow patties and why it’s important. Who knew?  |  Book  (free download)

From UNL Water:
Fly control on livestock operations | Flies transmit diseases and can create wounds, which increase the risk of other diseased. The best control is reducing access to food and sites for laying eggs. Use of pesticides should be limited to reduce the risk of resistance.   | Article  |  Webinar recording

From Manure Manager:
Manure Minute: Improving success of variable rate manure | While variable rate application of nutrients is popular, when using manure, careful planning is required, including manure analysis, consideration of nutrient variability and availability, and crop needs.  |  Article