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OCAMM odds & ends

Equipment demonstrations at the 2017 Manure Science Review

MANURE SCIENCE REVIEW  |  Wednesday, July 25, 2018  |  Hardin County, Ohio
Learn how to avoid manure spills, limit spreading weeds with manure, and more.  See demonstrations on surface runoff, soil health, side dressing, manure spreader calibration.  Continuing education credits available. Register by July 16 for the discounted rate.      Program and registration details 

Composting in Ohio: A tour of the industry  |  Thursday, August 9, 2018  |  Lima and Wauseon, Ohio
Visit two unique facilities: Allen-Oakwood Correctional facility, a public-private partnership, and Andre Farms, which composts livestock manure, food wastes, and other feedstock to create high fertility compost. Plus, equipment demonstrations!      Program and registration details

From Ohio Department of Agriculture:
New ODA website. With a fresh look and easier navigation, the ‘Conserving Resources’ tab at the top will take you to links for both the Division of Livestock and Environmental Permitting (DLEP) and the Division of Soil and Water Conservation (DSWC).       Website

From UNL Water:
Managing runoff holding ponds during wet weather. Advice on preventing overflow of runoff and manure storage ponds, especially during periods of numerous or high rainfall events.      Article

Is manure irrigation risky business?  A Wisconsin report on the use of irrigation to apply manure with less than 4-5% solids discusses benefits and recommends practices to reduce health and environmental risks.          Article

From Manure Manger:
First farm in Wisconsin to launch AQUA innovations manure management system. The mechanical separation process reportedly concentrates nutrients and reclaims >50% of the liquid as distilled water, without the use of chemicals.     Article

From poop to power. A Pennsylvania hog farm installed an anaerobic digester to save on energy costs. It utilizes over 8,000 gallons of dairy manure and over 2,000 gallons of food waste each day.     Article

They’re turning manure into black gold. An Idaho dairy is using a 2-stage separation technology that reuses waste water and removes 96% of the solids, which are composted and sold off-farm.     Article

Bill would change oversight of how farmers manage manure. A purpose of a bill to change Pennsylvania’s Nutrient Management Advisory Board to the Farm Animal Advisory Board is to expand the scope of topics on which it advises the legislature, but there are concerns that members of the new board represent CAFOs not smaller farms.     Article

From SWCS Conservation NewsBrief:
The next step in reducing nutrient loss. According to Iowa’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy, no-till, cover crops, edge of field treatment, and other practices can reduce nutrient loss, but funding needs to be targeted based on the practices and locations that provide the greatest impact.     Article

Farmer-led Wisconsin group works to improve water quality.  Wisconsin’s Department of Ag collaborates with farmers in watershed groups, providing funding for conservation practices.     Article