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OCAMM odds & ends

Manure Science Review | August 6 | London, Ohio| Demonstrations of the RAIN 360 Unit for applying liquid manure to the base of plants and best practices for spill cleanup, plus presentations on manure placement and subsurface drainage, manure application practices, and more.
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From the Livestock and Poultry Learning Community:
Webinar: Precision Ag in the Barn and in the Pasture | May 17 at 2:30 pm EDT | Hear about approaches for using data to make decisions for animal management, welfare, and productivity and learn how these application influence nutrient management.  |  Details

Manure Mondays webinars now available | Watch recordings of the following presentations:

  • Recycling Sand – Emerging Technologies for Sand-laden Manure  |  Recording
  • Manure Application: Logistics and Field Strategies  |  Recording
  • Manure Additives  |  Recording
  • Composting Bedded Pack Barns – The Ontario Study  |  Recording

From Manure Manager:
Manure, compaction and cover crops | While manure can reduce soil compaction issues, application equipment can cause compaction. To reduce the risks, avoid application on saturated fields, use reduced tire pressure to increase contact area, limit traffic to designate areas, and consider planting cover crops to address specific problems.  |  Article

Manure 101: Small swine farm manure management | Practices that can reduce on- or off-farm environmental risks including composting, vegetative buffers, storage, pasture rotation, a nutrient management plan, and education and training of farm workers.  |  Article

Manure management practices in dairy herds to control disease | Steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of spreading HPAI from dairy manure, include contacting neighboring farms before manure application and using biosecurity measures, such wearing designated clothing when handling manure, cleaning and disinfecting equipment, and others.  |  Article

Research: Manure can offset N fertilizer needs and increase corn silage yield | A New York study showed that manure can increase crop yields, even for fields that tested optimal or high for soil fertility. However, there are many variables that need to be considered.  |  Article

From SWCS Conservation NewsBriefs:
Stacked practices: The key to phosphorus loss reduction | A discussion of practices, including nutrient management, soil health, and surface runoff and drainage discharge control, that are needed to reduce phosphorus runoff to achieve water quality goals.  |  Article

From Penn State Extension:
Webinar: C-CHANGE: Managing Digestate for Crop Production and the Environment |  A recording of this presentation from the 2022-24 Grass to Gas webinar series in available.  |  Recording