OCAMM odds & ends

Sep. 24, 2018
Building a windrow at the Allen-Oakwood Correction's composting site.

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NEW! Ohio Livestock Mortality Composting Certification Workshop, September 26., Canfield, Ohio. Composting dead animals is an approved disposal method. This workshop provides the ‘how to’ information needed for certification.     Details

Online: Composting in Ohio: A virtual tour of the industry. Check out a few photos from this summer’s tour and Greg LaBarge’s (OSU) presentation, Does Organic Matter, Matter?     Virtual tour     Presentation

Save the date! Organics Recycling Association (ORAO)  of Ohio Annual Conference, November 2, Columbus, Ohio. Learn about using compost for crop and organic production, new composting and food waste options in Ohio, and more.  Stay tuned for details.

From Theresa Dirksen (AgSolutions)
Field Day:  Data in Agriculture and Manure Application, October 2, Celina, Ohio. Find out about using data for agricultural decisions and field demonstrations of manure applications.     Details

From Morning Ag Clips:
Funding available for Lake Erie basin farmers.  Ohio livestock producers in the Western Lake Erie Basin will receive priority funding for technical and financial assistance to implement practices that can help reduce nutrients in the basin. Application deadline: Oct. 19.     Article 

From UNL Water:
Estimating nitrogen credit in manure. Rick Koelsch, UNL, discusses the two forms of nitrogen in animal manures and when each is available to crops. An understanding of these differences is needed to accurately determine how much commercial fertilizer may be needed.     Article 

From SWCS Conservation NewsBriefs:
Conservation dairy farming could help meet Chesapeake targets. Using modeling to compare four scenarios for a 65-head dairy, Penn State researchers found that ‘enhanced conservation’, which included producing the majority of the feed and forage crops consumed, no-till planting, continuous plant cover, and manure injection, significantly reduce runoff of nutrients and sediments.     Article

From Ohio Ag Net:
Dairy farm’s water-recycling system a game-changer for agriculture.  Thanks to a Washington state grant, about 1/3 of the manure from this 2,500-cow dairy will be treated via a nanofiltration and reverse osmosis system to produce clean water as well as both a nutrient-rich solid and liquid products.     Article